The CookingBites recipe challenge: capers/caper berries

It could be. In the U.S. it is normally made with dill pickle so what is normal for you is revolutionary to Americans. :)
In the south some people use sweet pickle relish as well in tartar sauce. I vacillate between the two, and sometimes use a combo of both.

A work in progress…
I truly recommend you try capers instead. It makes really nice tartar sauce.
I have had them in potato salad, similar flavor profile, so yeah, I would imagine it would be quite tasty. Thanks!
Next one from me, a simple sandwich:

Recipe - Italian Tuna & Artichoke Tramezzini

First, before I made this, I had to go look up tramezzini, because that was the prettiest word I'd ever heard for a sandwich...sorry, Earl of.

This is just a variation on a tuna salad sandwich. No biggie. Where this differs, though, is how light it is (speaking both in terms of taste and health).

I'm used to gloppy tuna salad sandwiches dripping with mayonnaise...dollops and dollops of it (which is why tuna salad is one other fish thing I'll eat); tuna swims in the ocean, so it's natural it should swim in the mayonnaise, if you ask me.

Well, oh well, this recipe (from WeightWatchers) takes that calorie-and-fat-laden sandwich and makes it something that's both delicious and mindful of the waist.

The first big change is the substitution of chopped artichoke hearts - it offers some creaminess that would otherwise be missing with such a scant amount of mayonnaise, but it also lends a beautiful...I'm going to make up a word here (I think)...vegetality to the sandwich that works brilliantly (I think it helps that artichokes and tuna pair well together, or so the internet tells me; I can count on one hand the number of times I've eaten artichokes, and still have a thumb and middle finger left for life's important work).

Next...there're the capers and lemon zest, also closely associated with fish (and I didn't even need the internet to tell me that!), which help to brighten this up and make it a sumptuous summer snack. The addition of the egg (which I strongly recommend) pulls it all together.

MrsT said, upon being handed her plate, "No crusts? Is this a tea sandwich?" - and my reply, using my new favorite word, was, "No, daaaahling, it's tramezzini!"

Ok. I've finally written up a tomato based bean dish to be served over pasta. Not particularly original, but it was nice enough.

Recipe - Greek Inspired Butter Beans with Capers and Caper Leaves

Most of the caper leaves where chopped and cooked into the dish along with the capers. As MG had predicted, my caper leaves in salt definitely needed soaking for a couple of hours to remove the excessive levels of salt and make them palatable.
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