(bell) peppers/capsicum

The bell pepper (also known as sweet pepper, pepper or capsicum ) comes in range of different colours, including red, yellow, orange, green, white, and purple.
The bell pepper (also known as sweet pepper, pepper or capsicum ) is a cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum. Cultivars of the plant produce fruits in different colours, including red, yellow, orange, green, white, and purple.

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  1. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Vegetarian Tex-Mex Style Stuffed Peppers with Black Beans - Gluten-free, Grain-Free

    I debated on whether to use an Indian or a Mexican spice profile for this stuffed pepper recipe. If I try lentils in some shape or form in the future instead of black beans, I think I'll go Indian. Black beans surely say "Mexican" or "Tex-Mex" as the profile flavor. Onions and garlic also...
  2. medtran49

    Recipe Honey chipotle red bell pepper sauce

    We have used this in the past as a sauce for fajitas, mushroom and beef, but I'm sure it would be good on a bunch of other dishes as well. 2 red bell peppers, roasted, peeled, seeded, and coarsely chopped 3 tblsp chopped red onion 2 tsp chiptole puree (whole peppers in adobo in can and chop...
  3. Morning Glory

    Recipe Roasted Pepper, Aubergine & Spinach Pizza with Taleggio

    This meat free pizza makes the most of Mediterranean flavours and is topped with a luxurious Italian cheese. Taleggio is a washed rind cheese with a soft and gently wine flavoured taste. Its a perfect cheese for melting and has a stronger flavour than Mozzarella. Cooked spinach works really well...
  4. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Creamy Sweetcorn Soup with Roasted Red Peppers

    This soup really needs fresh sweetcorn off the cob, and plenty of it, perhaps much more than the 6 ears of corn suggested. We had to make it with frozen sweetcorn and the difference was very obvious and disappointing. 1 ear of corn yields roughly 100g of sweetcorn if you do need to use frozen...
  5. medtran49

    Recipe Medtran49's gumbo z'herbes

    We use Paul Prudhomme's method with high heat to make a roux. You MUST attend the roux at all times. Do NOT walk away from it. Be CAREFUL, roux has been compared to napalm due to the burns it can cause. This gumbo can be made vegan (or for Lent) by using all vegetable stock and omitting the...
  6. Roasted pepper with capers and toasted breadcrumbs.jpeg

    Roasted pepper with capers and toasted breadcrumbs.jpeg

  7. Roasted peppers.jpeg

    Roasted peppers.jpeg

  8. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Quinoa with Sweet Potato and Peppers

    Back in the day, I was a member of what is now Food.Com. I am going back to collect some of my recipes from there - I stopped using that site because the required recipe formatting was a pain in my (whatever). Apparently, I hadn't even been back since 2012. But, I'd put some good recipes...
  9. Peppers with capers and toasted breadcrumbs.jpg

    Peppers with capers and toasted breadcrumbs.jpg

  10. Spanish-potatoes-03-Add-onions-etc.jpg


  11. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Vegan Tofu Scramble

    Cookbook no 4 challenge - Vegan Tofu Scramble This was another first time recipe from a book (Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen) we have used once or twice before. Luckily the list of ingredients is not as daunting to us as it would be to most. However we failed to find any Indian black salt, so...
  12. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Red Snapper, Green Sauce

    Intended for the Cookbook Challenge thread. Ingredients 1 slice Italian bread 1 cup olive oil 1/2 cup lemon juice 1/8 cup minced fresh parsley 1/8 cup minced garlic 1 tbsp minced fresh basil 1/2 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1/2 cup minced green bell pepper 2 tbsp capers 4-6 red...
  13. Yorky

    What is a "red pepper"?

    It was pointed out to me today that JO's chilli recipe (https://www.jamieoliver.com/…/be…/good-old-chilli-con-carne/) includes two "red peppers". Does anyone have any idea what these may be? I'm sure that JO knows the difference between a bell pepper and a Carolina Reaper. But maybe not.
  14. medtran49

    Recipe Lobster ravioli with red bell pepper sauce

    Makes about 10 raviolis Lobster filling 1 Maine lobster (1 to 1-1/2 pounds) or 1 medium-sized Caribbean lobster tail, cooked, finely chopped 1 medium-sized onion, chopped finely 2 cloves garlic, microplaned or finely minced 3 Tbsp butter salt and pepper 1 very large red bell pepper, charred...
  15. Morning Glory

    Recipe Muhammara

    Muhammara is a Syrian dip original from the city of Aleppo. Traditionally, bright red Aleppo pepper would be used. If you prefer you can mix this dip by hand to retain the texture of the ingredients (some recipes suggest this). Ingredients 2 large red peppers or 130g of roasted red peppers...
  16. The Late Night Gourmet

    A Guide to Peppers

    Pepper heads rejoice! A woman going by the name Cayenne Diane has complied an impressive list of peppers, with photographs of each: https://www.cayennediane.com/wp-content/uploads/TheBigListofHotPeppers.pdf I found this while trying to help @Yorky figure out what kind of peppers he bought...
  17. flyinglentris

    Recipe Pork Cream Stuffed Peppers

    This recipe features Milk in the form of heavy whipping cream and two Grains, Barley and Farro Perlato. It also features Pork and of course, Bell Peppers. With this mix of ingredients, I wondered where to post the recipe and decided to put it hear under Grains. Pork Cream Stuffed Peppers...
  18. dimitarpachev

    Recipe Mish-Mash Quick and Easy

    Mish-Mash This is very easy for cooking and with the right ingredients is an amazing dish. Very popular in Bulgaria and it is some kind of omelette but not exactly. 2 onions chopped. 1 green bell pepper chopped 3 red bell peppers chopped 3 tomatoes cubed 2 minced garlic cloves if you want 8...
  19. dimitarpachev

    Recipe Kavarma. Bulgarian dish

    Bulgarian Kavarma There are many recipes and variations of this dish Kavarma in Bulgaria, but traditionally we use pork meat - there also exists beef Kavarma, chicken versions and a mix of all the meat. Kavurma is one of the most delicious Bulgarian dishes. This is the original recipe, but I...
  20. ElizabethB

    Recipe Mixed Pepper Venison Chili

    Texas is a near neighbor. We visit there often and have friends and family from Texas. Two things about REAL Chili: no beans and cubed rather than ground meat. Two items subject to discussion (argument): tomato products or no tomato products; onions or no onions The one thing all Texans agree...
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