Paprika (US English more commonly (listen), British English more commonly (listen)) is a ground spice made from dried red fruits of the larger and sweeter varieties of the plant Capsicum annuum, called bell pepper or sweet pepper. The most common variety used for making paprika is tomato pepper, sometimes with the addition of more pungent varieties, called chili peppers, and cayenne pepper. In many languages, but not English, the word paprika also refers to the plant and the fruit from which the spice is made.
Paprika originates from North America, in particular Central Mexico, where it has been cultivated for centuries. The peppers were subsequently introduced to the Old World, when paprika was later brought to Spain in the 16th century. The seasoning is used to add color to many types of dishes in diverse cuisines.
The trade in paprika expanded from the Iberian Peninsula to Africa and Asia, and ultimately reached Central Europe through the Balkans, then under Ottoman rule, which explains the Hungarian origin of the English term. In Spanish, paprika has been known as pimentón since the 16th century, when it became a typical ingredient in the cuisine of western Extremadura. Despite its presence in Central Europe since the beginning of Ottoman conquests, it did not become popular in Hungary until the late 19th century.Paprika can range from mild to hot – the flavor also varies from country to country – but almost all plants grown produce the sweet variety. Sweet paprika is mostly composed of the pericarp, with more than half of the seeds removed, whereas hot paprika contains some seeds, stalks, placentas, and calyces. The red, orange or yellow color of paprika is due to its content of carotenoids.

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  1. TastyReuben


    I've got to pick up some smoked paprika when I'm out shopping this weekend, so I thought I'd ask everyone here about their paprika thoughts. Around where I live, paprika is generally sold as plain/regular paprika, Hungarian/hot paprika, and Spanish/smoked paprika. I love paprika, so I have jars...
  2. Paprika


  3. flyinglentris

    Recipe Baked Chilli and Paprika Spiced Yam

    Baked Chili and Paprika Spiced Yam: Ingredients: 1) Yam - 1 2) Cayenne pepper sauce - 3 to 4 tspns. 3) Chilli powder - as desired 4) Paprika - as desired 5) Sun dried tomato, julienne cut - 3 to 4 tblspns. Procedure: 1) Cut the Yam in half, lengthwise. 2) Cover a baking sheet with...
  4. TodayInTheKitchen

    Recipe Roasted potatoes with Paprika

    Roasted potatoes with Paprika Ingredients 2 lbs of potatoes (cut into bite size chunks) 1/2 cup olive oil 1/4 cup white vinegar 1 tbsp garlic powder 2 tbsp paprika (Spanish preferred) 1 tsp of lemon juice 1/4 cup broth Method Cut potatoes into bite size chunks. Put in plastic container...
  5. C

    Recipe Chicken Jean Marie

    Chicken Jean Marie Seasoning Mix: 2 1/2 tsp. sweet paprika 1 1/2 tsp. salt 1 1/2 tsp. onion powder 1 1/2 tsp. garlic powder 1 1/2 tsp. dried tarragon leaves 1 tsp. dry mustard 1/2 tsp. black pepper 3/4 tsp. white pepper 1/2 tsp. dried sweet basil leaves 1/4 tsp. ground sage 1 (3 to 4 lb...
  6. Yorky

    Recipe Honey glazed pork ribs

    Ingredients Marinade: 100 gm tomato puree 1 tsp pureed garlic 2 tblsp Worcestershire sauce ½ teaspoon chili powder 2 teaspoon paprika 1 tblsp apple cider vinegar 500 gm pork ribs Salt and pepper 2 tblsp honey Method Season the pork ribs both sides. Mix all the marinade ingredients in a...
  7. Morning Glory

    Recipe Paprika Pork Burger

    This is what I class as 'it doesn't get much easier'. But it is delicious. You can make the whole thing in ten minutes flat. Ingredients (makes 2 burgers) 250g minced pork (I used 10% fat pork mince) 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp ground cinnamon 2 tsp paprika (not smoked) ¾ tsp salt (or to taste)...
  8. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe (Vegan) Aubergine Goulash

    First of all, this isn't my recipe. It is one that is somewhere between inspired by and someone else's. But I don't know whose. Hubby printed it off and the site didn't put a link in the bottom or footer to say it was from this site and there is not a darned thing that gives the game away. So...
  9. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Beef Kidney Paprika over Spinach

    Entered into the Paprika cookingbites recipe challenge. Impetus behind this: Well, the paprika. It also became a "Chopped" recipe of sorts, as I had the beef kidneys, the yogurt and the spinach all a-wanting to be used SOON, since my mealtimes here this week are on and off. The prime...
  10. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Bacon and Peas Pasta Salad

    Is it a salad or is it a pasta dish? Yes. To be honest, it's really more of a pasta dish, but it does work very well as a pasta salad. And, what is a pasta salad if not a pasta dish served cold? One thing I decided to try here was to use the rendered bacon fat where olive oil might be in a more...
  11. C

    Recipe Oven Baked Chicken

    We have been using so much paprika lately (hmmm wonder why?lol) that DH had to go to the store to buy more. Look what I found on the label. Onion Baked Chicken Brush 3 lbs. of chicken parts with 1 TB. of oil. Mix 1 TB. Onion Powder, 1 1/2 tsp. each Garlic Salt and Italian Seasoning and 1/2...
  12. Yorky

    Recipe Hassleback Potatoes

    Ingredients 8 Medium potatoes 2 tblsp Butter 2 tsp Garlic, pureed 2 tsp Paprika 1 tsp Ground cumin seeds ½ tsp Chilli powder ½ tsp Salt 1 tsp Olive oil plus a little more Method Wash and scrub the potatoes. Preheat the oven to 200 degC. Skewer each potato length wise in turn about 10 mm...
  13. C

    Recipe Paprika Sauce

    I had just started sorting my sauce recipes to work on today when I found this. It said it was "Excellent with shrimp, lobster, and other seafood. You know I had to post it. lol Paprika Sauce 1 cup butter, divided 3 TB. dry white wine 1 TB finely chopped shallots 1/2 cup heavy cream 1/2 cup...
  14. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Chicken Paprika Burger, take 2

    I really wanted a red chicken burger, so I tried something different from what I did the first time: instead of mixing the paprika in, I decided to press it into the surface. The charring you see is similar to what happens when you grill a piece of chicken: it's delicious. And, the business of...
  15. C

    Recipe Rendezvous-Style Rub for Ribs

    I think we are finally having ribs tonight. We won't be having the Memphis ribs I posted earlier. DH offered to go to the store for a few things we needed for the recipe, but I said, let's find another recipe that we have everything for. Found this one. It makes 2 cups, enough for about 12 lbs...
  16. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Chicken Paprika Burger

    There are a wide range of heat levels in Hungarian paprika. My 1 teaspoon added a nice flavor. but I know that a feistier paprika could obliterate the flavor of the meat. Proceed with caution! NOTE: when I make ground meat, I always add salt and pepper to the grind. The type you buy pre-ground...
  17. TodayInTheKitchen

    Recipe Italian Goulash

    Italian Goulash with spicy Paprika Italian Goulash Recipe Closeup by TodayInTheKitchen posted 29 Jul 2019 at 8:05 PM When someone says Paprika I immediately think Goulash. However, for this recipe I used Italian sausage and Trottole noodles to give the dish a beautiful Italian "look and feel"...
  18. C

    Recipe Memphis-Style Ribs

    I am just going to post the recipe for the dry marinade and the basting sauce. How you cook them is up to you. lol Spicy Dry Marinade: 3 TB. mild Hungarian paprika 2 tsp. seasoned salt 2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper 2 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. cayenne pepper 1 tsp. dried oregano 1 tsp. dry...
  19. Morning Glory

    Recipe Paprika and Papaya Chicken

    Spicy and sweet, this ‘en papillote’ recipe is simple to make. Using the papaya seeds is optional but they do add visual impact and have an unexpected hot taste, similar to horseradish. I used super-hot unsmoked Hungarian paprika here, which is why I only used 2 tsp. If you use a milder paprika...
  20. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Chicken Smoked Paprikash

    I've replaced my sloppy picture (which looks like a messy plate of a sandwich with french fries) with the shredded end product. This actually looks good. See what happens when I'm not plating at 1:30 in the morning? I'm fully aware that egg noodles would more typically be served with a...
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