1. TastyReuben

    Prep/cooking question

    The latest in my series of “Who Thinks of That?” questions: Let’s say you’re making, oh…idk…, French onion soup, and you’ve topped, tailed, and peeled your onions using a paring knife, and sliced with a mandoline. It’s now time to start caramelizing the onions, which means a couple of...
  2. TastyReuben

    Cooking/Kitchen Quirks

    Today, I was doing the usual “baker’s wash” of cleaning a bowl I’d used to mix up some dough with a bit of flour, and rubbing it over the areas of stuck-on dough to pull them away from the bowl. MrsT came in the kitchen for something, then noted, “You do that a lot, you know…” “Do what? Clean...
  3. Puggles

    Eggs Benedict question

    I have never made this before and I'm gonna take a stab at it later tonight. My question is, is that I've seen 2 different methods of doing this, a double boiler and the tempering method. Has anyone made this before that knows which one is more "Puggle-proof" so I don't screw it up?
  4. detroitdad

    Seared Tuna Pairing Question

    My son and I take turns hosting brunch for each other. I am wanting to do something a little different. Keep in mind, we "LOVE" eggs. Seared, blackened Tuna Tostada's, layered with smashed avocado, seared tuna, and pico de gallo. How do you think these Seared Tuna Tostada's would taste with...
  5. Puggles

    meatloaf question

    I'm going to be doing meatloaf tonight and one thing I've always noticed is that after it's done cooking, there is a lot of fat. The meatloaf is basically almost submerged in it. I use typical 80/20 (I've even done it with 90/10) but I get the same results. When I search for meatloaf recipes...
  6. SandwichShortOfAPicnic

    10 Question Food Quiz

    I’m sure this‘ll be a cinch for the folk on here but who doesn’t like a bit of smug in the morning? :laugh: The big ingredients quiz: do you know your antipasti from your pesto?
  7. Matilda

    Crockpot Pot Roast Question

    This is strange...Have been looking on-line for a recipe. I have found that half the recipes call for the meat on the bottom and the veggies on top. The other half calls for the veggies on the bottom and the meat on top. So for half the recipes, the meat will cook in a cooking liquid for 8...
  8. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    A question for iOS users

    My brother has asked me if there is an app he can buy for his iPhone 14 to access more manual settings to use his phone to photograph the Milky Way better. He's seen some pictures that are apparently taken on an iPhone but the settings he can access give a maximum exposure of 10 seconds. If he...
  9. kaneohegirlinaz

    Question About Canning

    One of my Neighborhood Gal Pals gave me 2 dozen fresh Peaches yesterday. I wanted to make simple canned peaches today for my Mother. I wasn't quite sure as to how many jars I would use and I usually sterilize and heat 1-2 extra mason jars and 2 part sealing lids. I wound up with three jars...
  10. Mostlyveggie80

    A question about canned sardines

    Hi! I have kind of a weird novice question- i'd like to make this dish that involves broiling sardines for 5 minutes. My sardines however are canned in extra virgin olive oil and I'm worried that could be a potential fire hazard. Is it enough to rinse off the sardines before broiling them or am...
  11. Puggles

    Question about pork

    I'm making beer brats tonight and I'm currently marinading the brats in beer and sliced some onions and put them in the container as well. I would like to use the onions as a topping. Would it be worth cooking the onions down a bit to kill the raw pork bacteria on them, or should I just use...
  12. Puggles

    Question about peppercorns

    I have always used whole peppercorns. Sometimes I get this kind, sometimes I get that kind. I fit as many as the thing will hold on the peppermill and toast them in a pan, let them cool, and put them in the pepper grinder. That has always been my go-to. I see many recipes call for black...
  13. Matilda

    Pot Roast Meat Question

    Hi all. I found a Slow Cooker Pot Roast Pot Roast recipe I would like to try for Xmas. Was thinking of either (2)- 3-4 lbs. Chuck Roasts or a large 6-8 lb roast. Question. If I ask the butcher shop for the larger roast, can I specify how thick I need? I'm not sure if there is a standard...
  14. JAS_OH1

    Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer question

    So I am going to use my new stand mixer for the first time. I have the one with the bowl lift. In the picture on the booklet, it shows that the stand mixer sits level, but mine slightly tilts. Is there something wrong with it? I can't find anything to indicate how to fix that in the booklet...
  15. Lullabelle

    A puzzling question

    OK, so when I kneel down whilst gardening, wearing trousers- how do I get muddy knees :scratchhead:
  16. S

    Roasting pot novice question

    Please can anyone help? I have just spent three days cleaning my mothers oven. My mother has very little pride in keeping the kitchen clean. Whenever I visit I do the best I can to help out. It crossed my mind that the oven must be getting oil splatters when she roasts potatoes or a chicken in...
  17. garlichead

    Dietary questions and answers

    Hopefully here will be a space to help people better understand nutrition, especially as it relates to diet. This is in no way medical advice, just opinion based on my 20 plus years of research as a person who finds the subject quite fascinating. I'll do my best and of course others will have...
  18. M

    How would you "American-ize" a dish?

    I'm making a YouTube video this week on Oyakodon (oya = parent, ko= child, don=rice bowl) or Chicken and Egg over rice. I made (and ate) five today. As I was doing it, I wondered how I could change it to make it "American" but still keep the concept: Boiling/Poaching meat with egg and serving it...
  19. rascal

    Chilli question?

    My wife picks chillies when she gets home at night, we have two greenhouses and numerous outside ones, she normally cuts the top green stem off and freezes the rest of the chilli. So she did exactly what she does every night while I made nachos which I served up. So she started eating nachos...
  20. lastmanstanding

    A question to those who have websites

    Does anyone like to tell me their hosting experience? Value for money, down times, and customer support etc.? I'm trying to decide on a new hosting provider for a friend. Still undecided. Every service has some downside. :roflmao: May be my expectations are too high. lol.
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