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  1. morning glory

    Recipe Minced Pork, Aubergine & Green Beans with Cumin (Chinese style)

    This is a way of making a little go a long way. The recipe contains just 125 grams of minced pork and will serve two people for a light meal, especially if served with another Chinese vegetable side dish. The only spices used here are chillies, ginger and whole cumin seeds, all of which work...
  2. morning glory

    Recipe Poussin on Torn Bread with Saffron, Lemon and Olives

    A great way to use up stale bread - this tray bake is very easy to make. It would work equally well using chicken thighs and/or legs. The bread is a delight because it becomes crispy in some parts juice laden in others and the roasted garlic cloves are lovely to squidge out on the plate. I...
  3. morning glory

    Recipe Asparagus with Truffle Oil and Black Bean Aquafaba Miso Mayonnaise

    This mayonnaise is vegan and made from bean water (aquafaba) - the liquid from tinned beans. I used black bean aquafaba which gives the mayonnaise a pinkish mauve colour which I rather like (for a white mayonnaise you can use chick pea water). The white miso adds a savoury tang to the mayonnaise...
  4. morning glory

    Recipe Fish Tagine with Saffron

    This dish sounds complicated but is really rather easy to make. Its pretty well equal quantities (in size) of fish and vegetables plus some spices. The marinating of the fish is important to add depth of flavour.* The rest is really simply simmering things in one pan. You can serve this with...
  5. morning glory

    Recipe Black Bean Chilli with Coffee

    Maybe not an authentic way to make black bean chilli but the combination of coffee, soy sauce and smoky chillies provides a rich and savoury complexity of flavour. Mexican chilli sometimes does contain coffee, of course - but not soy sauce! Its easy enough to make if you use tinned black beans...
  6. morning glory

    Recipe Garlic Butter Bombs

    These little bombs of flavour would be perfect with seared steak, grilled chicken or steamed fish. If the idea of deep frying butter horrifies you, think of this as Chicken Kiev, minus the chicken. Each bomb is a little less than 100 calories. To make it vegan use a solid vegan margarine such as...
  7. morning glory

    Recipe Saffron and Marmalade Tea Bread

    There is a traditional Cornish tea bread made with saffron and dried fruit and I was reading that bakers used to make it with whole threads of saffron rather than crushed, pounded saffron. This was to show customers that the saffron was real and not a fake substitute. Saffron and orange work...
  8. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Japanese Dairy Free Milk Pudding

    So not having been able to find the ingredients I needed for the milk pudding I had planned to do, I thought I might search out another recipe and low and behold I also can't locate all of the ingredients for it either! But I rather like the looks and simplicity of this traditionally dairy free...
  9. medtran49

    Recipe Chicken massaman curry

    We have made this several times, though not recently, and really like it. I'll have to look back for a picture. It freezes very well. Also, it can be made vegan by substituting tofu for the chicken and gluten-free tamari for the fish sauce, vegetable broth for chicken stock. Ingredients 3...
  10. LadyBelle

    Recipe Chickpea stew

    Got this from a Able & Cole recipe card years ago. I absolutely love chickpeas so eat them a lot and am always looking for new ways of using them. I make this a lot during the winter. Ingredients 1 onion 1 carrot 1 celery stick 1 garlic clove 2 tsp ras el hanut 400g chickpeas 400g chopped...
  11. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Construction of a salad

    One of the threads recently asked if meals were laid out to be photographed or were actually what we are. In my case it is what I eat. I make the salad that way to start of with... So I thought I would put together a quick guide on how today's salad was made and post up some pictures of...
  12. morning glory

    Recipe Chilli with Black Beans (with Vegan option)

    Black beans bring a wonderful smoky flavour to chilli and I think they work much better than traditional red kidney beans. Here, I've used specialist dried chillies (Aji Limon) but more often than not I just use hot chilli powder. Browning the meat isn't necessary, which is something I learned...
  13. morning glory

    Recipe Braised Shallots in Marmite

    This this such a simple recipe and it looks very pretty too. I served it as a side dish with some lamb chops and mashed potatoes. Ingredients 12 banana shallots, peeled,and cut in half lengthways 250ml boiling water mixed with 1 heaped tsp Marmite Butter or margarine Sprigs of thyme Method...
  14. morning glory

    Recipe Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Marmite Butter

    This is the first of my experiments with Marmite Butter. These mushrooms would make a great starter and are very easy to do. For a vegan version* make up the Marmite butter using margarine instead of butter. *Some vegans do not eat yeast in which case this recipe would not be suitable. Baked...
  15. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Marmite Chocolate Brownies

    I've taken the recipe from here (, adapting it (slightly) to make it dairy free which the truth be known, wasn't difficult. To make it vegan, use 3tbsp of whisked aquafaba in place of the eggs, folding it into the...
  16. morning glory

    Recipe Marmite Butter

    Hardly a recipe at all! But I intend to experiment with using the butter in a few entries for the CookingBites Recipe Challenge, so I thought I'd start with posting the recipe. You could make a vegan* version by using vegetable margarine instead of butter. The butter could simply be spread...
  17. morning glory

    Recipe Pomegranate Chicken Stew with Celery and Bulgur

    Pomegranate molasses is a wonderful versatile ingredient. You can use it in salad dressings, in stews or as I have here, in marinades. It has delightful sweet sour taste. I had been buying it from the supermarket as a 'gourmet' ingredient - but then I discovered a local Turkish shop was selling...
  18. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Goan Prawn Caldinho

    Reading the information provided on this recipe, certain phrases jumped out at me and They appeals to me. I reckon the dish would work well with any vegetables, tofu or even TVP to make it vegan, though I do prefer to use my own tamarind dates r rather than a paste. Usually 50-60g of dates...
  19. Chickpea Double Choc Chip Cookies

    Chickpea Double Choc Chip Cookies

    Dairy-free, Egg-free, Chickpea Double Choc Chip Cookies
  20. Chickpea Double Choc Chip Cookies

    Chickpea Double Choc Chip Cookies

    Dairy-free, Egg-free, Chickpea Double Choc Chip Cookies
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