Self Isolation Supplies

morning glory

Obsessive cook
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19 Apr 2015
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2:45 AM
Maidstone, Kent, UK
I suppose, living in one of the poorer areas of Thailand, that folks do not have sufficient money to panic buy. The stores only appear to be short of hand cleaner (Thais do not use toilet paper).
Plenty of fish sauce, I expect. What do they use instead of toilet paper? We all may need to know this!

Mountain Cat

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12 Apr 2019
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9:45 PM
Hilltowns of Massachusetts
I don't understand why supermarkets aren't rationing the amount people can buy at one time. I did find that when I did an on-line shop I that toilet rolls were limited to one pack per delivery but nothing else.
Yesterday I noted a sign over the paper goods aisles that TP was limited to X amount. I don't recall what that amount was, but since there was NO TP in sight... remembering the amount was incidental.
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