brussels sprouts

  1. BittersweetSamba

    Brussels Sprouts - 2 recipes!

    I live alone so I don't really measure out ingredients. 1) Trim Brussels Sprouts and halve (or quarter if really large). Toss in olive oil, basil and paprika. Bake in 350F oven for 20 minutes. While baking, thaw some shrimp and cut in half, slice some ham, add some pre-cooked bacon and a...
  2. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Bacon Brussels Sprouts Cheddar Soup

    I took a detour from my healthy eating to make this, but it was well worth it. Ingredients 6 strips bacon (I used Boar's Head Maple Bacon) 1 pound brussels sprouts, shredded 1/2 red onion, chopped 1 teaspoon thyme 4 cups chicken stock 1 cup milk 2 pieces sourdough bread, cut in chunks 2 cups...
  3. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Chicken Brussels Sprouts and Quinoa Burritos

    This one was a rarity: it met with approval from both my wife and my son. Despite the presence of bacon and cheese, the use of ultra light tortillas makes this a relatively healthy meal choice: 182 calories a piece, or 4 Weight Watchers points. Ingredients 20 ounces chicken breast, trimmed of...
  4. British-Style Lunch.jpeg

    British-Style Lunch.jpeg

  5. Morning Glory

    Recipe Smoked Haddock and Colcannon with Whisky and Mustard Sauce

    Cabbage is traditionally used for colcannon but Brussels sprouts (if you like them) also work well. Adding the preserved lemon gives a lovely sour tang to the colcannon. A good smoky tasting whisky is ideal for the sauce. This is an easy and quite simple dish to make. Ingredients 2 x pieces...
  6. CraigC

    Recipe Warm Brussels Sprouts and Apples

    Ingredients 16 oz fresh Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved 1 sweet, crisp apple 4 slices thick-cut bacon, thinly sliced 1/2 cup matchstick carrots 1/3 cup dried mixed fruit (or raisins) 1/4 cup lemon vinaigrette 1 teaspoon pepper 1/4 cup blue cheese, crumbled Directions 1) Trim and halve...
  7. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Brussels Sprouts with Tahini Lime Dressing

    I don't remember making something before where I was so completely satisfied. I think I tend to think of salads as something basic that doesn't require much in the way of culinary chops. But, this changed my mind. The dressing has a nuttiness that works so well with the acidity of the lime. And...
  8. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Brussels Sprouts, Mac & Cheese, and Havarti Mini-Frittatas

    I posted a mini-frittata recipe previously that was meant to be healthy: no cheese! This comes together similarly, but is quite different. Ingredients 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon bacon grease 6 ounces Brussels Sprouts, chopped 3 large garlic cloves, diced 2 ounces ham, cut into cubes 1 cup...
  9. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Brussels Sprouts with Pecorino Cheese

    Serves 2, Preparation time 10 mins, Cooking time about 20 mins Brussels Sprouts, 200 g Pecorino cheese, 30 g Evoo – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 tablespoon Salt and pepper, to taste Method Once you have checked that the sprouts are compact and bright green, clean them by removing the withered...
  10. Brussels Sprouts with Pecorino.jpeg

    Brussels Sprouts with Pecorino.jpeg

  11. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry, Bacon, Onion, Smoked Gouda

    A casserole I brought to a pot luck for Thanksgiving one year (2016). It was rather successful. Note, the measurements are approximate. 30 ounces of Brussels sprouts, shaved (de-stemmed and cut into slivers) ½ pound bacon 1 large onion, diced coarsely 4 or 5 ounces fresh cranberries...
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