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  1. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Gluten free kale and cabbage egg bites

    Many thanks to our forum member kaneohegirlinaz for providing the inspiration for this recipe! The ingredient possibilities are endless with these delicious, nutrition-packed and gluten free egg bites! This is a very forgiving recipe, and when using more or less of any ingredient (or using...
  2. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Pork Meatloaf with Apple, Cauliflower, and Fennel

    Pork and apples… Apples and pork… There’s a theme going on here, and fennel also goes well with pork, just as rosemary partners well with lamb. And, I’ve discovered I LIKE meatloaf — if one leaves out the breadstuffs and grains! They’re moister this way, for one. This recipe is both gluten...
  3. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Retro Recipe Potato Cake

    I marking this up as a retro recipe for a reason. It apparently comes from an old Italian cookbook (Pellegrino Artusi, Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well (1891)) and at first I was kind of surprised by it but the more I looked online the more I found mashed potato in a limited...
  4. Windigo

    Recipe Marzipan & cherry flapjacks with holiday spices

    I wanted to do something new for the recipe challenge, so I decided to make flapjacks. I had never made them before. I also had marzipan & dried cherries laying about so decided to use them as filling. My bars turned out a little too dark, so I have reduced the recommended baking time in this...
  5. Packaged Coconut Spice Granola

    Packaged Coconut Spice Granola

    Packaged Coconut Spice Granola
  6. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Buckwheat & Almond Scones

    These are a gluten-free autumnal savoury scone ready for dunking into soups & stews. I'm drawn to these not because they are gluten-free but simply because I love the taste of buckwheat and it's a great use of the almond meal left over if you make your own almond milk Ingredients 100g ground...
  7. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Torta Barozzi, Gluten-Free Chocolate, Peanuts and Coffee Grounds Cake from Emilia Romagna

    Italian cooking Serves 4, Preparation 25 mins, Cooking 30 mins 250 g of dark chocolate 70% 150 g of sugar 4 eggs 50 g peeled almonds to be ground or almond flour 50 g unsalted peanuts to be ground 120 g softened unsalted butter 30 g Coffee grounds or 1 small cup of ristretto coffee A small...
  8. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Fried Polenta Balls Stuffed with Gorgonzola

    Whether leftover or made from scratch, one of the many ways to use polenta is to make polenta balls filled with a stringy Italian Gorgonzola cheese. I made them from scratch using instant polenta, then fried; after all, they’re meant to be something tasty and quick to prepare. You can also stuff...
  9. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Gluten-Free Duck Scotch Eggs

    Scotch eggs are seasoned ground meat of your choice wrapped around a peeled boiled egg, which can be semi-soft or hard cooked prior to the wrapping. Then, they’re typically rolled in breading, usually breadcrumbs. I went for coconut flakes instead. And, I used a large duck egg, which will...
  10. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Grain and Gluten-Free Meatloaf: with Sweet Potato

    I have never liked the generic dish called “meatloaf”, but I at that time, I was involved in a Farmer’s Market sort of pastured “Meatshare”, and close to half the meat obtained for that six-month membership...was ground meat. Good stuff, but I needed to expand my wings with it. Noting that...
  11. Hemulen

    Recipe Chocolate-nectarine cake

    Chocolate-nectarine cake Cooking time: 35-50 min | Serves 4-6 | Served with baked banana and vanilla ice cream Ingredients ✧ 6 medium-sized nectarines (or 4 peaches) ✧ 50 ml/0.2 cups macadamia nut oil ✧ 50 ml/47 g/0.2 cups/1.7 oz/0.4 sticks melted butter ✧ 50 ml/0.2 cups almond milk, skimmed...
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  13. Gluten-Free Lemon Cake.jpeg

    Gluten-Free Lemon Cake.jpeg

  14. Gluten-free Lemon Cake.jpeg

    Gluten-free Lemon Cake.jpeg

  15. Herbie

    Recipe Vegan Cheesecake (also gluten free*)

    Carnation brought out a vegan condensed milk late last year (Note this is made with gluten free oats but some people with gluten issues can also be sensitive to even gluten-free oats). So, bring on the pudding experiments! This was delicious. A firm cream cheese makes a big difference. This...
  16. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Turmeric and Tarragon Seasoned Deviled Eggs

    Turmeric and Tarragon Seasoned Deviled Eggs My husband likes his boiled eggs soft-to-medium boiled. He eats a couple a day as an afternoon snack, so I make them in batches of 6 eggs at a time every few days. About 1 out of 7 times I overcook them, LOL. Today was one of those days. I ate...
  17. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Turmeric Salad Dressing

    Turmeric Salad Dressing This tangy, brightly colored salad dressing will add some color and zing to your salad vegetables and greens! It has turmeric, garlic, honey, ginger, almond butter, and more (see recipe for marinade): Recipe - Turmeric and Almond Butter Marinade I used the mandarin...
  18. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Gluten free Mac and Cheese

    Gluten free Mac and Cheese View: Ingredients 500g corn pasta (or any other gluten-free macaroni) 1.5 cup cheddar cheese 1 cup gruyere cheese ½ cup parmesan (to garnish) 3 tbsp butter 600 ml milk 1/2 cup pasta water 1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp black pepper 1 tsp cayenne...
  19. Gluten-free cardamom flavoured chocolate pudding.jpeg

    Gluten-free cardamom flavoured chocolate pudding.jpeg

  20. Gluten-free cardamom flavoured chocolate pudding.jpeg

    Gluten-free cardamom flavoured chocolate pudding.jpeg

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