Marination is the process of soaking foods in a seasoned, often acidic, liquid before cooking. The origin of the word alludes to the use of brine (aqua marina) in the pickling process, which led to the technique of adding flavor by immersion in liquid. The liquid in question, the 'marinade', can be either acidic (made with ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, or wine) or enzymatic (made with ingredients such as pineapple, papaya or ginger). In addition to these ingredients, a marinade often contains oils, herbs, and spices to further flavor the food items.
It is commonly used to flavor foods and to tenderize tougher cuts of meat. The process may last seconds or days. Different marinades are used in different cuisines. For example, in Indian cuisine the marinade is usually prepared with a mixture of spices.
Marination is similar to brining, except that brining generally does not involve significant amount of acid. It is also similar to pickling, except that pickling is generally done for much longer periods of time, primarily as a means of food preservation, whereas marination is usually only performed for a few hours to a day; generally as a means of enhancing the flavor of the food.

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  1. Naranja Agria Sauce

    Naranja Agria Sauce

    Naranja Agria Sauce
  2. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Turmeric and Almond Butter Marinade

    I was trying to create a salad dressing, and after tasting it repeatedly and adding more of this and a touch of that, I ultimately decided it was a good marinade for the salmon filets we were having for dinner. It would have been a little heavy for a salad dressing, and with a few tweaks I...
  3. R

    Yoghurt marinade and chicken

    Hi ... I've often brined chicken in the past but recently tried yoghurt with a little seasoning and oil, it seemed ok but I find it a little odd just "wiping off" the surface marinade before frying, it just seems a little strange, it didn't taste too unpleasant but am I not getting a brown crust...
  4. mjd

    Pork Chop Marinade

    Just wanted to share this as a Tried-n-True recipe. Made it last night (internet was done for almost 20 hours) and it was fabulous. I am not a pork fan but will eat chops and ham. This one is a keeper! BEST EVER Pork Chop Marinade {So Tender and Juicy!}
  5. Herbie

    Rub/marinades for chicken

    What do you use for a marinade or rub for ckicken before roasting it? I've recently got an oven after a year without so have been roasting chicken for husband. These are two favourites: 'Curry': 1 tsp each of minced ginger and garlic, 1 tsp each of garlic salt, chilli, black pepper and...
  6. A

    Buttermilk Marinade

    Hi there, We have, in the past, marinated chicken breast in buttermilk for making chicken burgers and the results were great. I have recently seen someone on TV doing the same with squid. My question is: Does buttermilk make a good tenderising marinade for all seafood and meats including...
  7. murphyscreek

    Recipe & Video Korean Style Beef Ribs (Apple and Doenjang marinade)

    Ingredients 1.2 kg beef ribs 1 small red apple 1/2 onion 5 cloves garlic 1/2 tbsp grated ginger 1/4 cup mirin 1 and 1/2 tbsp doenjang paste 3 tbsp brown sugar 1 tbsp dried chilli flakes Spring onions (garnish) Method Make sure ribs are cleared of any membrane. Combine remaining ingredients in...
  8. C

    Recipe Sake Teriyaki Marinade

    This was last nights dinner. DH marinated chicken wings, and then grilled them. He then boiled the leftover marinade, and we used it to dip the wings. Very tasty with a slight tang. Sake Teriyaki Marinade 1/3 cup sake 1/4 cup reduced-sodium soy sauce 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar 1 TB. honey 2...
  9. C

    Recipe Santa Fe Marinade

    Santa Fe Marinade (enough for 3 lbs. beef, lamb, pork or poultry) 1 1/2 cups beer 1/2 cup chopped cilantro 2 large garlic cloves 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1 TB. chili powder 1 1/2 tsp. ground cumin Process all ingredients in a food processor or blender until thoroughly combined. Marinade can be...
  10. C

    Recipe Cuban Adobo

    Cuban Adobo 6 to 8 garlic cloves, coarsely chopped 2 tsp salt or to taste 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper 1/4 tsp ground bay leaves 2/3 cup fresh sour orange juice or lime juice Place the garlic, salt, cumin, oregano, black pepper and bay leaves in a...
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