Toast is sliced bread that has been browned by exposure to radiant heat. This browning is the result of a Maillard reaction altering the flavor of the bread and making it firmer so that it is easier to spread toppings on it. Toasting is a common method of making stale bread more palatable. Bread is often toasted using a toaster, but toaster ovens are also used.
Toast is commonly eaten with butter or margarine and sweetened toppings, such as jam or jelly. Regionally, savoury spreads, such as peanut butter or yeast extracts, may also be popular. When buttered, toast may also be served as an accompaniment to savoury dishes, especially soups or stews, or topped with heartier ingredients like eggs or baked beans as a light meal. Toast is a common breakfast food. While slices of bread are most common, bagels and English muffins are also toasted. Scientific studies in the early 2000s found that toast may contain carcinogens caused by the browning process.

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  1. flyinglentris

    Recipe Country Breakfast Shingle

    Country Breakfast Shingle: Ingredients: 1) Bread - 1 slice 2) Egg - 1 3) Breaded Chicken Patty - 1 4) Bacon - 2 slices 5) Lettuce - as required 6) Onion - slice(s) as required 7) Tomato - slice(s) as required 8) Butter - as required 9) Cayenne Pepper Sauce - splash Procedure: 1) Pan...
  2. rascal

    Fruit toast.

    We get fruit loaf here, wife used to buy it occasionally, I liked it as well. Over the years it's got tasteless but daughter bought a different brand home yesterday and tried it. She loves it and said I would as well. Just after 11 am here so I put two pieces in the toaster, buttered and my home...
  3. Chopped Toasted Hazelnuts.jpeg

    Chopped Toasted Hazelnuts.jpeg

  4. rascal

    Perfect mushrooms on toast

    We used to pick shrooms as kids from paddocks near us. I've always loved them on toast. I cook them in butter to coat then the secret found by accident, turn heat off and come back in 10 mins. This lets them shrink and settle. Then I get toast ready and reheat. Put a splash cream in and cook for...
  5. K


    I am conducting initial research for my undergraduate dissertation, if you are a UK resident who is 18 and older who uses an electric kettle on a daily basis please take 5-10 minutes to fill out my short survey.
  6. M

    What is a good seasoning for roast veg?

    Roasting some potatoes, parsnip and carrots today just wondering how I can spuce them up
  7. detroitdad

    Recipe Toasted Saffron Pasta Primavera

    I'm going to give this recipe a try tonight. I'll probably serve it with chicken and/or shrimp. Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 12 ounces spaghetti, broken in half 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped ¼ teaspoon saffron threads or paprika 1 cup dry white wine 2¾ teaspoons kosher salt, divided 2...
  8. Morning Glory

    Toasted sandwiches/Jaffles

    Do you make toasted sandwiches or 'toasties' (known as jaffles in AUS)? I was reminded the subject by a post from @Frizz1974 here. Perhaps you have a toasted sandwich maker? They used to be a very popular gadget in most households here I seem to remember and I have one tucked away somewhere...
  9. GadgetGuy

    Do you use your toaster oven to toast bread?

    I tried it several times & ended up buying a toaster. I found it practically impossible to do! While a toaster oven is good for doing most things, & can be used as a 2nd oven, plus it saves you from having to heat up your regular size oven, toasting bread is not one of my favorite things to do...
  10. Elawin

    Recipe Mumbai Sandwich

    Ideal for lunch, or a snack! Makes: 1 Time: 20 minutes Ingredients: Green chutney: mint leaves, 1 small handful coriander leaves, 1 large handful green chillies, 1–2, with or without seeds depending on the heat of the chillies ginger, 1 cm piece, peeled lemon juice Salt Masala mix: 1...
  11. Ken Natton

    Recipe Welsh Rarebit (version of)

    Right, I’m not good at precise recipes. You’ll have to accept my style is a bit more discursive. I hesitate to call this Marcus Wareing’s recipe because I don’t want to do an injustice to the man. I don’t know if you know this, but he’s a little bit good at this sort of thing. The best I can say...
  12. Morning Glory

    Things on Toast

    In the UK we serve a lot of things on toast: baked beans, eggs scrambled, fried or poached, cheese to name but a few. What are your favourite 'things on toast'? This is my favourite:
  13. C

    Recipe What's New Pussycat?

    Let your imagination run riot with these easy to make savoury toasts. Don’t stop at cats why not try making other faces, using different vegetables or coloured cheeses to make the features or cut the bread into different shapes such as stars. Children will love helping with these. Ingredients...
  14. valedevento

    Recipe Toast with mushroom

    So, as some of you already know, I don't really like mushrooms :-) But in my home country of Belgium, lots of recipes are made with mushrooms and thanks to my mushroom loving husband, I have some ideas to share with you. There is the first one, simple toast with mushrooms in a creamy sauce...
  15. Morning Glory

    Recipe Cheese on egg on ham on toast

    A really basic recipe! The trick here is to fry the egg until the yolk is just done, so that when its grilled (broiled in US) the yolk stays runny under the melted cheese. When you cut into it, the yolk should burst delightfully and ooze onto the plate. I really should have photographed that...
  16. kgord

    French toast in a cup

    I wanted to try something different for breakfast this AM so I made this: Threre are several versions of this around. I made the Allrecipes version. 1 tablespoon butter 1/4 cup milk 1 egg, beaten 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon white sugar 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 2...
  17. S

    Recipe Nutella and Banana French Toast

    Nutella and Banana French Toast INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup heavy cream 1/2 cup whole milk 2 large eggs 1 large egg yolk 1 teaspoon granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 cups cornflakes, crushed (optional) 1/2 cup Nutella 8 slices bread 2 medium bananas, sliced thin 2...
  18. TheViper

    Nutella on Toast?

    One of my best friends has this weird love of nutella that can never be ceased. He literally puts it on a majority of the foods he eats. When he wakes up in the morning he typically toast some bagels and puts nutella with cream cheese on it. Often times he doesn't have bagels and uses regular...
  19. cupcakechef

    What do you put on your toast?

    What are your favorite toppings or spreads when you make toast in the mornings? For me, I would probably say peanut butter is my main one. It's something that is always in our pantry as a staple. Sometimes I'll add honey with the PB for a sweeter kick, or sometimes I'll have strawberry jam...
  20. primalclaws1974

    Egg and toast fried in a skillet

    My ex-wife taught me how to make a very simple, but delicious sandwich. All you have to do is take a slice of bread, push a drinking glass into it, cutting out a small round piece. You butter the bread and begin frying it. You then break an egg and put the yolk in the hole, and let it cook. When...
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